30 Nov

I was just having a great conversation with one of the pastors here on staff.  We were talking about revival and what it truly takes for this generation to be won to the Lord.  The Azusa St. revival in the beginning of the 20th century has led to around 600 million people saved today.  That is amazing!  There were other “revivals” that happened in the 20th century.

One of the recent “revivals” was one that happened in the mid 1990’s, where various churches had a visitation from God.  I will not say that God did not move, but one characteristic that I have noticed is that those revivals were inward.  They mainly affected Christians and did not do much to bring the lost to Jesus or change society.

I believe that God is getting ready to unleash a new wave of revival.  But, this revival is one that will be manifested more in the ways of the New Testament church.  There are two huge things that I see that happened in the Bible that are important for revival, and I believe this generation is starting to understand it.

The first is mentoring.  Jesus had 12 disciples.  Paul had Timothy and others.  In this world where we have focused on having huge churches and big ministries, it is amazing that the gospel has not made much ground in our country.  It is time to thing big, but go small!  It is time to mentor people as Jesus did.  As we do this, the world will be changed!  Most young people today are growing up without fathers.  If we do our job right, we will have fathers (spiritual) mentoring our young people in the faith.

Second, the church needs to get out of the four walls.  For years we have tried to bring people to our services.  In fact, if we minister to people outside of the four walls of the church, but they never make it to a service, we think that we have not done a good job.  I believe the paradigm is changing and that we are getting people to minister outside of church, instead of only bringing them into a service.

These two things, I believe, are the marks of the coming revival.  As we focus our time, energy, and resources on doing these things, I believe the world will be won.  Let’s do it!

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One response to “Revival

  1. revolucion07

    November 30, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    I agree on you with what you said jeff because well Iv’ tried to invite many people
    to RJ and well most times they don’t go and Iv’ com to realize that its not
    about bringing them to church but to plant a seed. show them the love that
    God has for me and give them a taste of his love. And then the will be more motivated to
    actually come to church and stay committed.


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