Sofia’s Prayer

31 Jan

My four year old daughter loves to pray. But, she doesn’t just “pray”…she PRAYS! Long prayers. It could be for food, for a trip, or anything else, but she prays.

Recently, she has been praying with this line: “…y que no nos matemos”! Translated, she is essentially saying, “…so that we won’t die!”

I don’t know where she learned this, but I do know one thing: it got me to think! My daughter believes in life so much, that she makes sure it is the central focus of her prayers. She wants to live!

Where does life fit for you? Is it just a nice word that you use every once in awhile? Is it something you try to ignore? Or is it something you embrace to the fullest? Jesus, on different occasions, talked about the reasons why He had come to the earth.

One of those is found in John 10:10. Jesus makes it clear that He came to earth to give us the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. If that is why He came, then why would we dishonor Him by living lives of small impact, tiny dreams, and limited opportunities?

Choose today to honor our Savior’s death and resurrection by living to the maximum of what God has for you. In Matthew 18:3, Jesus mentioned that if we want His kingdom, we need to become like little children. I think I’ll take Sofia’s lead on this one and ask for life from the Life Giver!

How do you need to start living life to the fullest? What changes do you need to make today? Post them, and I will pray for you!

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