Front End Living and Leading

01 Feb

I was going through my regular twitter feed this morning and noticed a tweet I really liked. @JohnCMaxwell gave this quote from Red Auerbach, “How you select people is more important than how you manage them once they are on the job.”

It gave me a thought: if I spend more time on the front end in hiring someone, I will spend less time later fixing the problems from someone who shouldn’t have joined my team.

But, doesn’t this apply to an even bigger picture? I think we should live all of life with the front end in mind.

When you want to do something, do you plan first, or do you jump in first hoping everything will go well?

Or, when you begin a dating relationship, do you already know the person? Have you already set up some boundaries and parameters on the front end?

How about investing money? Have you done your research on the front end?

When you begin your day, do you start with a shower? Hopefully! If not, the results might be disastrous! But more importantly, do you begin your day with the word of God? Investing in the front end will make the rest of what you do much better!

But, you might be arguing right now…”I read the Bible and pray at night…not in the morning!” That’s fine! Keep on doing that. But, in the morning, take a moment and reconnect with God, His Word, and His life!

Short on time? Check out They do short video devotionals online and you can follow them on twitter (@thirtyGod).

If you don’t live life and lead others beginning on the front end, chances are you will face failure and major difficulties along the way.

Jesus prepared 30 years before doing ministry. And, right before His first miraculous activity, He did a 40 day fast.

Babies are in the womb 40 weeks before they are born.

Front end preparation leads to back end success!

Where do you need to change up your process and start doing a better job on the front end? Where are you jumping into something without being properly prepared at the start? If you focus some extra energy in this one area, it will dramatically increase your effectiveness. Do it today!

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