The Power of Vision

17 Feb

I have spoken much recently with people who have found a lack of desire to do important things, such as reading the Bible, doing other spiritual tasks, or being committed to certain things.

Does this happen to you? It does to me! A few years ago, I was doing a horrible job at reading the Bible, and I am a pastor! There are other times when I have no desire to accomplish necessary tasks, like taking care of the finances, or spending time with my kids, or any number of other things.

Are you like me, or am I the only one? If you are like me, let me give you a few tips.

#1 Emotions should not drive obedience. Just because you feel like punching the guy who took your girlfriend doesn’t mean you should. Just because you don’t feel like reading the Word doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. After all, you still go to work to get a paycheck, even if you don’t want to be there. Choose to obey, no matter how you feel.

#2 Obedience SHOULD drive your emotions. I have found that when I choose to obey, or follow through with a necessary thing, the emotions usually come afterwards. I may feel like eating all the meat in the world, but when I choose to follow through with my eating restrictions (so I can lose weight), I usually feel better afterwards.

#3 And this might be the most important: get a compelling vision for EVERYTHING you do. When I do the finances, I am not just doing finances; I am making sure that I am prepared to have money for that which is important in life. When I read the Bible, I am not just reading the Bible; I have a vision for intimacy with God. Reading His Word helps me towards fulfilling that vision.

When I tell my children stories at night (every night), I am not just telling them over 3,500 stories by the time they are ten years old; I have a vision for them to learn important life principles, to learn how to have creativity, and to spend time with their dad. A compelling vision places everything else, including menial or boring tasks, into perspective. Get a vision today!

#4 SHARE your vision! When you start sharing your vision you will bring others along with you! Life is much more interesting when you don’t live it alone. Read the Bible with some other people. Don’t just study for a test alone…do it with some other students. The more people who get involved in your vision, the more interesting your “boring” tasks will be.

Vision gives meaning to all that we do! Could you imagine if Jesus came to earth in order to die, for no apparent reason? How horrible! Thank God that is not true. Jesus was led by a compelling vision of saving the world, no matter how big or painful the cost would be!

So, get a vision, choose to obey and follow through, and you will go farther than you can even imagine!

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