01 Apr


I live in Los Angeles. I love my city! I pray that God never moves me from here. Within a short car drive, there is access to the beach, the mountains and the desert. I can choose between the sun and the snow, or have both the same day!

Yet, there remains one thing that most Angelenos don’t like:


I have thought long and hard about the cause of traffic. Couldn’t 100 cars travel at the same speed as 10 cars? Apparently not! And, why not?

Reaction time.

Each car waits to begin moving until the car in front of them moves. Slow reaction time causes people to lose hours of time!

But, then again, reaction time is a necessity for safety! After all, if one person had a slow reaction while another had a quick reaction, an accident could ensue.

So, what’s the best option?

I have no idea!

On one side, reaction time slows everything down. On the other side, reaction time keeps the world safe.

Your best bet? Use traffic for productivity. No, not the “put on your makeup”, “read an email”, play an iPhone game”, “make phone calls” type of productivity.



Use it usefully! And, by the way, this post really only has to do with my thoughts about traffic! I hope you enjoyed!


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