Your Need is God’s Victory

13 Apr

In 2 Kings 3, three kings (the kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom) find themselves in a precarious position.  They had traveled with their armies and animals for seven days and found themselves without water.  At that point, they had no hope and believed that Moab was going to defeat them.

So, king Jehoshaphat (the king of Judah), asked for Elisha (a prophet) to come and help them out.  Elisha gave them instructions to dig some ditches.  He then told them that God was going to fill up those ditches with so much water that both men and animals would have enough to drink.

God was faithful to His promise!

It doesn’t end there!  These three kings ended up winning the battle, but not simply because of their healthier state of being after having had enough water.  Something interesting happened. 

You see, the people of Moab had gotten up early in the morning, ready to terrorize the other three kings and their armies.  When they looked over the valley, the reflection of the sun on the water looked like blood.  They thought that the three kings had turned against each other and had killed each other.

What happened next is important.  The Moabites, instead of acting like an army, acted like looters.  They didn’t run together and they didn’t work together.  Once Moab got to the camp of Israel, they realized that Israel was not dead!  But the people of Moab were not prepared to fight.  Needless to say, we know who won that battle!

This story got me thinking.  The need of Israel was water.  But God used the water He brought for an even greater victory.

Israel’s need was God’s avenue for victory!

God used their need as the direct opportunity to bring about His victory for them!  This reminds me of something: My need is NOT about me.  Your need is NOT about you.

Our needs are an opportunity for God to do something even greater than simply “answering” our need. 

I don’t want to settle with God responding to my need.  I want Him to create victories out of my needs!  I want Him to use my needs for His glory!

Jesus shows this in John 9.  When asked why a man was blind from birth, Jesus said that it was to create an opportunity to show God’s work!

What need do you have today?  Is it finances?  Is it relational?  Is it work related?  Is it provision for something at church or in your organization/company?

Instead of seeing that need as something to be “filled”, take it to God, and ask Him today to use it as an opportunity to accomplish something even greater, which will show His glory!

Might it be possible that it was GOD who placed you in that difficult situation, so that He could create an opportunity for something even greater? 

After all, to see the RESURRECTION, something else had to happen first: DEATH!  Maybe your “death” experiences are God’s opportunity to show His resurrection power. 

Submit it to Him, and watch what He will do!

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