15 Apr

Last night, I was reading a bedtime story to my kids.  It was about bugs who built a bridge to carry food to their home.  The bridge was made of licorice  The story is called “Bugville Bridge” by Brian Conway.  After awhile, the bugs started to eat the licorice that the bridge was made out of, and the bridge fell.  The bugs were no longer able to bring food to their home because of their broken bridge.

These bugs became so lazy, that they no longer did the work that was required for basic living. 

They moved from maintaining to consuming

They changed from adding to subtracting.

Over time, this happens in many organizations.  It is currently happening in our U.S. government!  After many years, maintaining gets boring.  It gets detached from the bigger picture of what is trying to be accomplished.

Has this happened with you?

Maintenance is the path on which great vision is carried.  Maintenance is NOT vision.  Maintenance can never REPLACE vision.  Maintenance WITHOUT vision has no purpose!

But, if there is no maintenance, eventually the vision has no bridge to walk across.  It might be managing finances, doing upkeep, connecting with people, or keeping records.  All of these maintenance activities both prepare you and keep you ready for accomplishing great vision.

An important way of keeping maintenance important is this: Keep an OUTWARD focused vision, rather than an INWARD focused vision.

If the vision is focused on “self”, then maintenance will be lost, the goods will be consumed, and ultimately the vision will fail.  If the vision is focused on “others”, then maintenance will be seen as priority, the goods will be multiplied, and the vision will succeed beyond all expectations.

Vision is important, but so is maintenance.  What do you need to do a better job of maintaining today?


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2 responses to “Maintenance

  1. Joshua Ogaldez

    April 19, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Wow. Nicely written piece of a very practical, relevant and important topic. In addition, its maintenace by which both the individual and team grows to maintain more in the future.

    • Jeff Tolle

      April 19, 2011 at 3:41 pm

      Exactly. Thanks for the reply!


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