28 Apr

Have you somehow lost your creative genius?  Are you frustrated attempting to come up with an idea about something?  Anything?  If this is you, I want to let you in on a small clue: THIS IS THE ACT OF DISCOVERY.

We are ALL creators.  At least, we should be.  Since we are made in God’s image, and He is the First Creator, then we should be like Him!  But, many of us have trouble with creating. 

Maybe you’re writing a paper, and you’re stuck.  Maybe you don’t know how to get around a problem at work.  Stuck again!  Maybe you have an idea for a business, but can’t get past a certain obstacle in your funding.  You’re really stuck!

No matter where you find yourself, I want you to attempt the simple act of DISCOVERY.  Let me explain.

Let me define it this way: Discovery is finding what’s there. 

Yes, I know, I know…hold the applause.  I have just revealed to you an incredible revelation that you had never known before! 

But, it’s true!  Discovery is finding what’s there!

You see, so many times in our creative process we attempt to create SOMETHING out of NOTHING.  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  Let me give you three pointers about discovery so I can help you back onto the Road of Creativity.

#1       The answer is inside of you, waiting to be discovered. What you need is inside of you.  Who are you?  What are your dreams?  Your goals?  Your experiences?  Your pain?  The lessons you’ve learned?  Your failures?  I believe you will find that you are much more capable of creativity when you look inside of yourself and realize that you already have much to offer!

God did not create the world out of NOTHING.  God created the world out of HIMSELF. There was NO universe, NO earth, and NO people.  But, there WAS God.  He is eternal, all powerful, and all consuming.  Everything was created because of Him, through Him and for Him.  Since we are creative beings, we can do the same with ourselves.  Within each of us resides creative potential.

#2       GOD is the biggest discovery you could ever make!  After all, He made you and everything around you.  Have you prayed to Him?  Try it!  Have you read His Word to humanity (the Bible)?  Try it!  Have you learned more about Him and who He is?  Try it.  You will find that He is the Source of all wisdom, all knowledge, all answers, and ALL CREATIVITY.  Look to Him and you will find MORE than what you have been searching for!

#3       The world around you is waiting to be discovered.  There are plants, animals, cars, buildings, people, offices, businesses, homes, the sky, rain, clouds, etc.  Must I share the whole list with you?  Represented in all of these are infinite possibilities for you to discover new ideas, new methods, new inspiration, which lead to NEW CREATIVITY.

So, go ahead!  I give you permission!  Look inside yourself.  Look to God.  And look around you.  You might be surprised what you find.  You just might get inspired to do what you never thought possible!

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