Why I’m Planting a Church

09 May

It’s possible you might be wondering WHY I’m planting a church. After all, things are going well, I lead an amazing youth ministry (Revolucion Juvenil), I belong to an incredible church (La Iglesia En El Camino), and we’re fine where we’re at!

Isn’t that what everybody wants? Don’t we want a good, stable, and comfortable place to be? Why change everything? Why risk so much?

Here’s my list of reasons. PLEASE READ TO THE END.

1. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I love to begin new things. The idea of beginning a new church absolutely excites me! Does this mean that we should leave our current place of employment/ministry/etc everytime we have an idea for something new? NO! I’m not saying that when we like to do new things we should automatically leave where we are. But, this was definitely one motivation for me in planting a church.

2. I was comfortable. I don’t like to be comfortable! I like to learn, grow, and stretch myself. Once again, does being comfortable mean we should leave where we are at? NO! Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves more in our current environment. Either way, this was another motivation to plant a church.

3. My wife said yes! Every once in a while over many years, I have asked my wife if she would like to plant a church. Her responses were usually not favorable, until I asked her last year; she was totally open to the idea. MEN, THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You are much better off if your wife and you are in agreement regarding big life decisions.

4. As long as there are people who still don’t know Jesus and His love, we need more churches! If we had enough churches, then everyone would already be in one! So, there comes a time when new churches need to begin. The time is now!

5. Beginning a new church creates new opportunities! People who weren’t serving before find easy opportunities to serve in a church plant. There is more need, which creates new opportunity for people to use their gifts and abilities.

6. This is the most important: GOD CALLED ME! There is nothing that would have caused me to take this risk, step out in faith and leave my comfort zone more than the call of God. All of the above reasons mean NOTHING if God had not called me. For many years, I have lived in a simplicity of life that depends on being led by the voice of God. I desire to do nothing more and nothing less than what He has called me to do. His call is the most important! And, many people (parents, mentors, pastors, etc) are in agreement with the call of God for Evelyn and I to plant a church.

So, we are planting a church! CityLife Church! CityLife exists to see the city and its people transformed by the life found in Christ. If you’re interested in joining us, let me know. We have our next meeting this Sunday at 9am. We have a city to change!


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2 responses to “Why I’m Planting a Church

  1. Joshua Ogaldez

    May 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Jeff, these are all unquestionably the right reasons for planting a church (especially #3 and #6). Above all, I know that God backs up those who respond to His calling. Can’t wait to see what God is going to through CityLife Church!

  2. Philip Shelley

    May 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Jeff, truly through the years God has breathed in you for such a time as this. DIvina and I stand with you in prayer and totally agree as long as there is still people that don’t know Jesus and His love, we need more churches. Your awesome bro, and continuing to pray for your church plant.


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