The Half Breed

17 May

1 Kings 7:13 (MSG) says, “King Solomon sent to Tyre and asked Hiram (not the king; another Hiram) to come. Hiram’s mother was a widow from the tribe of Naphtali. His father was a Tyrian and a master worker in bronze. Hiram was a real artist—he could do anything with bronze. He came to King Solomon and did all the bronze work.”

Hiram was a half breed.  1/2 of his bloodline was from Israel and the other 1/2 was from Tyre.


Why is this worthy of a blog post?

This man was not a full blooded Jew.  He didn’t belong in the community.  He obviously lived in Tyre, where his dad was from.  The text mentions that his mother was a widow.  So, had Hirams’ dad passed away?  Or a previous father?  Who knows.  If his Tyrian father had passed away, why did he stay in Tyre, instead of coming to Israel and helping his mother?

Obviously, this man didn’t seem to be too concerned with Israel or his family.  But, he had amazing skill.  He had learned well from his father.  So King Solomon invited him on a road trip.

And, what did he get to do?  He formed everything that had to do with bronze in the temple.  He did all the furnishings that belonged in the temple.

So, let’s recap.

1/2 blooded Tyrian and Jew.  Mildly committed to his Jewish mother.  Lives in Tyre.  Temple Builder?

This is the man God allows to be used to help build the place that will honor His name above all?

Apparently so.  And, the amazing thing is that God still does this today.  He uses people who are completely unqualified, uncommitted, and unprepared (by holiness standards) for what He wants us to do.

He uses YOU AND ME.

Accept the fact that God created you for a purpose and that He actually wants you to spend your time on earth doing something great for His glory, even if you feel that you don’t measure up!

Here’s the incredible thing.  In the same chapter, verse 47 says, “Solomon left all these things unweighed, because there were so many; the weight of the bronze was not determined.”


Hiram did so much for God that it couldn’t even be counted.

My prayer today is: God make this true of my life!  I realize that I am unqualified, unprepared, and not as committed as I should be.  But, use me today to do something bigger than I could ever imagine!

Maybe you should let it be your prayer too.

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