Easy Win

03 Jun

I believe in maintaining high standards. I believe it’s important to communicate to people that they are capable of achieving great things. High standards are different than rules. Rules communicate limitations, whereas standards create opportunities for action and achievement.

While I agree with all of the above, it is essential for leaders to lower the bar and create EASY WINS.

Let me explain.

I believe people are capable of achieving greatness. The problem is that many times people don’t believe that about themselves. So, we create easy wins.

Instead of communicating to a basketball player that he is no good unless he scores 30 points a game, we can create an easy win. Tell him that 5, or 10, is good enough. Once that win is achieved, the bar can be raised higher.

Easy wins create incremental steps to help a person achieve a goal. Instead of having such a high goal that is constantly difficult to reach, and causing discouragement in the life of the person attempting the impossible, an easy win ultimately makes the bigger goal reachable.

Every person who has ever achieved something great…whether Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, or Mother Theresa, has had their road littered with small achievements (and many failures) on their way to greatness.

Jesus did this with His disciples. They had easy wins of ministering to individuals, distributing food to large groups and others before preaching to thousands.

Are you creating easy wins for those around you?


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