Going Through the Motions

05 Jul

My family was on vacation, then a ministry retreat, then we got back into the swing of things with our church plant. Needless to say, I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks. So if it’s needless to say, why did I say it?

No idea.

So let’s get back to blogging! I’m sure many of us have heard the terms “going through the motions”. This usually refers to people doing something that seems real, but isn’t really real. Is it even proper to say “really real”?

While on vacation, my two oldest children (Caleb and Sofia) were doing a fantastic job of swimming. That makes the swimmer in me really proud!

While in the pool, I was working with our 3 year old Isabella to teach her how to swim. The only things that I did with her were (1) have her grab my shoulders and kick AND (2) I would hold her body and have her move her arms as if she was swimming.

She wasn’t really swimming. She was simply going through the motions.

Might it be the case that for anything important in life, going through the motions is completely essential? After all, before a baby is born, he doesn’t breath oxygen…he “breathes” amniotic fluid. That baby is going through the motions.

Any good pilot, when they start training, will learn on virtual simulators…going through the motions.

You see, going through the motions is not bad! It is completely necessary and essential.

If you’re learning how to preach, copy someone else first! You’ll learn a lot! Go through the motions…it’s alright!

The only thing to watch out for is this: YOU MUST MOVE ON AT SOME POINT.

A baby needs to eventually breath oxygen. A pilot needs to eventually fly. A preacher needs to eventually develop their own style. And, Isabella will need to swim for real in the future.

Maybe you’re new at something. Or, maybe you’re helping someone who’s new. My simple advice is this: go through the motions.

If the baby doesn’t learn how to breath in and out, he won’t know what to do wirh oxygen.

If Isabella doesn’t learn how to move her arms, she’ll never swim.

Going through the motions is absolutely essential in order to begin something new.

Try it today!

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One response to “Going Through the Motions

  1. Joshua Ogaldez

    July 7, 2011 at 12:56 am

    Great Word!


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