Thoughts About the Launch of CityLife Church

12 Jul

Wow! Where can I even begin to explain all that happened this weekend? How about I just start and see where it ends?

1. Stories are important. We launched with over 250 adults and children in our church. But each of those numbers represents a story. Lives changed. Transformed. Set free.

Young adults coming for a tv and leaving with Jesus. A mother, son, and grandson from the community who receive the blessing of a tv and an experience of our church’s love. A couple who had been away from church for years who found Jesus again.

These are the stories. These are real people. This is what we’re here for.

2. LifeKids. I am so thankful for our kid’s ministry! When children are telling their parents that they want to come to our church because of their time in LifeKids, then something is going on! Way to go team!

3. Love. Multiple people told me how loved they felt when they came onto our property. They were greeted and taken care of. This is the way church must be.

4. Visitors. Some who came to visit this weekend were friends of mine that I had NO idea were coming! It was a surprise, and I was blessed by them.

5. God’s Leading. I felt that God was leading us to do communion. What a crazy idea! Who would do that on the opening day of their church? I’m reminded that when God speaks, we MUST listen. He showed me that our launch service was not supposed to be showy and flashy, but rather sincere and significant. He showed me how His death that brings life has a direct correlation to the name and vision of our church. We celebrated this through communion!

6. LifeTeams. I am so thankful for all of our teams. From worship and sound, to ushers and greeters, we were able to serve and love all those who came. Amazing!

7. And in my style of leaving the best for last: GOD. He made it possible, conceivable, and achievable. He brought the people for His glory and honor. All of this is because of Him, for Him and through His power. He is the Beginning and the End. Thank you Jesus!

And, thanks to all of you who partnered with us to make our launch possible. This is only the beginning!

I love you CityLife!

Pastor Jeff

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One response to “Thoughts About the Launch of CityLife Church

  1. Chary

    July 12, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Glad City Life had such an amazing opening! Only the first of more wonders to come!



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