Little Rocks

14 Jul


Have you ever been walking/driving/etc and felt like you had something in your shoe? It felt like something huge, but when you pulled off the shoe you realized that it was just a tiny piece of rock!

That just happened to me! I was surprised to find that the rock in my shoe was the size of just a few grains of sand! I thought it would have been much bigger, because it FELT bigger than it was.  And yes, the above picture is the size of the rock!


Let me apply it in different ways.

1. Some of us look at small situations and make them big. We major in the minors. We make mountains out of mole hills. We view the size of our problem as much bigger than it actually is. Don’t do this! You will waste much time, energy and focus. You will take attention away from that which is important and transfer it to that which is unnecessary. BE CAREFUL OF THIS TRAP!

2. Some of us ignore small sins/habits/problems in our lives without understanding their big consequences. THIS IS ALSO A MISTAKE. We look at pornography as being a small issue, without realizing the large damage it could do to our lives and relationships. We view that alcohol “addiction” (even though we don’t like to call it that) as not a big deal. We believe it won’t hurt us or others.

We view that anger problem as a small issue. “After all”, we say, “I’m living right in every other area!” We don’t realize the damage it causes. We think that the bitterness in our hearts is manageable and a “nonissue”.

ALL OF THESE ARE LIES. Even though these issues are small, they have huge consequences in our lives. Don’t ignore them! This leads me to the last thing.

3. The entrance of even a tiny amount of God’s presence in our lives has enormous impact! God deposits little seeds in us that carry tremendous potential and amazing destiny!

Maybe you find yourself fitting into the first or second category (or both). It doesn’t matter! Allow God’s presence to come and refresh you, align you, strengthen you, and empower you to live the life that He has for you.

Do it today! Let Him take out the rocks of discomfort so He can place you on the Rock, who is Jesus Christ (not an actor, like many believe)!

Let’s live free!

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  1. Joshua Ogaldez

    July 21, 2011 at 9:20 am



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