My Thoughts on Harry Potter

20 Jul

I have not followed the Harry Potter series of movies. Over the years, I have heard plenty of Christians decry the movies as evil, bad, etc. Maybe that’s why I never checked them out.

After all these years, I must say that my interest has been piqued regarding the movies. Or, better said, my interest in the Christian community’s RESPONSE to these movies has grown.

So, I checked out some reviews. You can check out Relevant Magazine or Plugged In Magazine. They talk about the movies. There’s plenty of blogs that talk about it. There are Christians that support Harry Potter. There are Christians that are against Harry Potter.

What to do?

How about going to watch it?

And that’s exactly what I did (thanks to Rudy for going also)!

So, what are my thoughts? I will keep it real simple, because I don’t think the answer needs to be complicated.

Does Harry Potter have magic? YES! But, so does Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Is Harry Potter all evil? No! In fact, the themes in the movie have much to do with the fight of good vs evil. The movie PRAISES sacrifice, loyalty, and honor. This is similar to both of the other movies I mentioned above.

Is Harry Potter a reflection of Christ? Not completely. Even though there are some Christlike elements and themes, the movie does not present Christianity in the same way The Chronicles of Narnia does. But, Lord of the Rings is definitely NOT more Christlike than Harry Potter. At the end of the day, most movies we watch are not about Christ. That has never stopped many from watching them, has it?

Will I recommend Harry Potter to others? Definitely not to young children. I think it’s a little too dark for them. How about to youth? I would recommend on a case by case basis. Like ANY movie with magic, we must be careful that it doesn’t stir up desire in our hearts to walk down that path. Faith in Christ’s power is the way to go!

Will I now watch the other Harry Potter movies? Not necessarily. I can’t say that I was so extremely impacted by this one that I have a desire to watch the others. I think watching one is good enough in my book!

My issue is this: we must be careful as Christians to not enter into religious hypocrisy. If we are okay with accepting Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia, we should be okay to accept Harry Potter. We must be careful not to create double standards, based off of our belief about the faith of the authors, or by our emotions regarding these movies. We must do equal comparisons and judge evenly.

More than anything else, I think the Harry Potter movies has put on display a SHALLOW faith in the Christian community that rejects many things without doing a full investigation.

As Christians, let’s engage and understand culture, and use the Word of God as our guide to make decisions regarding everything we experience.

Let’s move on to a DEEPER faith!


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3 responses to “My Thoughts on Harry Potter

  1. Joshua Castellanos

    July 20, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Can u give u thoughts on twightligh i woudl like to read them to thanks pastor !!!! me gusta mucho su forma de expresarse.

    • Jeff Tolle

      July 21, 2011 at 11:28 am


      I’ll keep my thoughts about Twilight simple. I watched one of them and found it to be slow moving and kind of boring.

      Lots of teenagers like it because it is about teenage romance. It didn’t interest me much. I am more of an action movie type of guy.

      So, in this case, to each his own.

      Be blessed!

  2. Joshua Ogaldez

    July 21, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Very interesting. Made me think some. I agree on the openness and engaging with culture part. I actually saw the first harry potter at CSUN. One only concern that I have is when people step the extra step from viewing to emulating, like dressing up as sorcerers & stuff like that.


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