Meat is About Trust

29 Jul


I was recently cooking some T-bone steaks and New York steak at Evelyn’s parent’s house. And yes, the above picture is real!

Cooking steak can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not great, but I know enough to be “dangerous” on a grill. Cooking thicker meat is harder, since you have to pay close attention to the temperature and make sure it all gets cooked without being burnt.

Because of this fear, I used to slice the meat and take a look inside to see if it was properly cooking. This is one of the biggest mistakes to make. When you cut the meat, you bleed it of its juices. This creates two problems. First, the meat gets dry. Second, it doesn’t cook as well, since the hot juices are not there to help cook the meat.

So, the best grillmaster does something that rookies don’t:

They trust.

They trust their ability. They trust the meat to respond as it needs. They trust the grill.

The person who doesn’t trust makes mistakes that lead to dry meat without much flavor.

And the same is true of life. Sometimes we want to shortchange the process, jump in to quickly, or try to understand everything that’s going on. We try to “look inside” and figure all of it out.

Sometimes we just need to trust.

Trust God’s process.

Trust God’s timing.

Trust that God knows it all even when we don’t.

Why don’t you try trusting today? God knpws what He’s doing and the results will be much better!

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