I Love Church

14 Nov

I love church!

At the end of the day yesterday, I was thinking about so many things I love about CityLife (which I’m sure exist in many churches also). So, in list format, here’s why I love church.

1. People’s heart to serve. Many of our CityLife peeps come at 7am EVERY SUNDAY to load trucks, unload them, set everything up, then do everything in reverse at the end of the day. I can’t thank you guys enough!

2. People’s passion to bring those who need Jesus. The stories keep flowing in of new people coming and being touched by the presence of Jesus in our services. I love it when our people love the lost…that NEVER gets old.

3. Our church’s generosity. As a new church plant, we are gearing up to prepare 50 Thanksgiving meals for 50 needy families in our community. We have people who are BEGGING for ways to help.  I am amazed by you guys!

4. An incredible leadership team. The team of people that works with me is committed, dedicated, loves Jesus, and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish our church’s vision to see the city and its people transformed by the life found in Christ. It is a PRIVILEGE and HONOR to work with you guys.

This is just the beginning. I will have much more to say in the coming weeks, months and years.

What would you add to this list about CityLife or about the church that you attend or lead?

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