Black Friday

22 Nov

Black Friday is typically known as the Friday after Thanksgiving, where companies have huge sales in order to bring in large profits that will help the company end the year “in the black” (making more money than what was spent).

I have noticed a trend in recent years towards the expansion of the day.  There is now a day for small business (Small Business Saturday) and for the Internet (Cyber Monday).

This year we are seeing the introduction of the midnight sale.  Instead of opening early on Friday morning, some businesses are opening at 12am.  Other business are opening on Thanksgiving day to begin their sales.

My question is this: Will there be a noticeable effect on their sales because they are expanding the number of hours for the sales?

I believe time will show that the answer is “No”.  Many times people believe that an expanded focus, or more opportunities, will automatically lead to greater response, engagement, or involvement.  

I believe the opposite effect is often true.  When there are more opportunities, human nature tends to tell us to relax, disengage and wait it out, because there will always be another chance.  The problem is, since we are procrastinators, that chance ends up being lost.

Will paying more employees for more hours (overtime in some cases), pulling employees away from their families and friends on a day that is as important as Thanksgiving, and increasing operational costs to keep a store open actually result in greater benefit? We will see.

I am a firm believer in “less is more”.  I am all in favor of creating multiple opportunities for engagement, but only if the market truly demands it.  There is a fine line here that is sometimes difficult to discern.  But, I think what happens is that when we create too many opportunities, people lose interest and no longer sense the “urgency” of a unique opportunity.

Remember: If you have a product worth delivering, there is no amount of obstacles people are willing to get around in order to get the product you have to offer.

More opportunities DOES NOT EQUAL greater buy-in.  Better quality and value does.

You might work in the business world, or like many who read my blog, you might work in the Christian faith community.  No matter where you find yourself, remember that less will always be more.


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