I like to help my dad

20 Dec

After a two year search, my family has moved into the first home that we have ever owned. It is an amazing God-given place that we are thankful to have.

A couple of weeks ago, after we had received the keys to the house, we started doing some work to paint and remodel some parts of the house. One day, while I was with Caleb, we knocked down some wood paneling. As we were in the car returning to our previous rental home, he asked me if he could come with me again the next day.

At that moment, I asked him why he wanted to come with me. His answer?

“I like to help my dad”.

I almost started crying as I was driving.


There are a few things that he understood about helping me. First, Caleb knew that it was my job and he had the opportunity to play a supporting role. Second, since he was helping, he knew I would be there to support him if there was something he couldn’t do. And third, through helping, he got to spend time with me! Our relationship has the opportunity to deepen because we are together.

I didn’t have to tell him any of those things…they exist because they have been formed that way.

And it got me thinking…how do I view “working” for God? Over all the years that I have been a Christian and involved in ministry, I have seen many people become burdened with doing God’s “work”. Also, there tends to be a clear distinction between working for God and spending time with God. Those are viewed as two separate practices.

Might I suggest a different way?

I believe that God’s work is GOD’S WORK. It is His to initiate and His to complete. I believe we end up being burdened by things that are not His work. Let’s be free from this!

Also, I don’t believe that we are supposed to be doing God’s work. I believe we are supposed to be helping Him do His work. We are in a supporting role to God’s amazing plan for all of mankind. And, inherent in this is the idea that He will be there to support us when we can’t do something. Dependence on Him is required!

And, isn’t it possible that intimacy with God can be developed at any moment, whether we are working or not? There are times for alone time with God where we do nothing but talk to each other. There are other times where intimacy is developed as I partner with Him in His work.

I believe if we change our paradigm we can be free and see many more results.

When Jesus’ parents come looking for Him after realizing He had stayed back in Jerusalem, Jesus says to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49 NKJV)

Even Jesus understood it!

Let’s put it this way: Instead of working FOR God, why don’t you try working WITH God?

That makes all the difference.

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