Stop Dreaming

21 Mar

Yes, to all you Dreamers out there, PLEASE STOP DREAMING.

Now, if you haven’t started dreaming yet, this post is obviously not for you.  You can’t stop something you haven’t started.  My advice to you: START dreaming.

But, once again, to all of you who dream, please stop dreaming.


Start doing.

Dreams cost nothing to make, yet they cost everything to obtain.  Dreams created come in multitudes.  Dreams completed are few and rare.

I’ve talked to some people recently who are great dreamers.  One of them is myself (I guess I’ve had conversations with myself also).  For those of us who dream, we tend to spend a lot of time talking to others about our great dreams and what we believe can be accomplished.

Imagine if we took the time spent TALKING about the dream and reinvested it in DOING the dream!

What would the world look like then?  How would things be changed if we did that?

I don’t want to see your designs, poems, music, technology, scientific discoveries, book ideas, etc only in my mind!  I want to experience them firsthand.

I want to READ your POEMS.

I want to LISTEN to your MUSIC.

I want to WALK in, TOUCH, and FEEL, your ARCHITECTURAL creations.

If you don’t put action to your dreams, all you end up doing is raising the emotional expectation of others about what they will get to experience, then betraying those expectations, causing mass disappointment and discouragement.

By the way, there are many people who are willing to invest in dreamers who turn those dreams into reality.  There are very few who will invest in dreamers who only know how to talk about their dreams.

When you stop dreaming and start doing, you will make the rest of us much more willing to listen to your next dream.

Move past your fear.  Don’t focus on your lack of resources.  Stop complaining about others who don’t believe in it.  Start.  Take a single step.  Move.

Here’s my promise: When you start doing, I will ask you to keep on dreaming.

Until then, please stop dreaming.  Start doing.

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One response to “Stop Dreaming

  1. Joshua Ogaldez

    March 22, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Right on! Totally! Thanks for the challenge and encouragement. And for investing in me…It’s time to take some dreams away from the dimension of fantasy and bring them to the dimension of reality! Thanks, Pastor Jeff.


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