10 Aug

There are two types of weakness: character and identity.

Let me explain.

Character weaknesses are a lack of maturity (lying, stealing, treating others unfairly, etc).  Those weaknesses must never be ignored.  Work on them.  Stay accountable with them.  But, this short post is about the next weakness.

Identity (you may have a better word) weaknesses are different.  This is about who you are as a person.  Certain people are good at a sport, while others are not.  Some are strong in administrative skills, while others are not.  Certain people have incredible artistic ability, while others do not.

These weaknesses are not a problem.


You ignore them.

The key to leveraging your weaknesses is to know what they are.  If you lack administrative skill, recognize it, then find someone to help you.  If you are incredibly organized yet lack creative ideas, find someone who can help.

Once you stop running from your weaknesses and actually engage them, those same weaknesses can become the source of your greatest success.


Ignoring your weaknesses will cause your most incredible work to be overshadowed by your lack of excellence in another area.  If you create great products but don’t respond well on the customer service side, your reputation can be easily ruined.

But, once you recognize your weaknesses, then involve others in your life, your production and output will be far beyond what you can do alone.

So, run TOWARDS your weaknesses, BRING some people along with you, and ENJOY your success!

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