Looking Back

28 Aug

Just a year and one month ago, we had the amazing privilege of beginning a new church.  On July 8th, we celebrated our church’s anniversary with a picnic.  400 family and friends came together to eat, play, and enjoy a few hours together.  It was an incredible time.

Looking back has given me perspective.  Here are a few thoughts.

1. I get to serve with some of the most incredible people on the planet.  We are still figuring out how to work together and do what God has called us to do, but what a privilege it is to walk alongside people who are passionate about Jesus and His kingdom.

2. God has blessed us beyond what we can imagine!  We have seen people come to know Jesus, we’ve had the honor to baptize many, and our surrounding community is beginning to know who we are.  They are impressed with a church that chooses to love without looking for anything in return.  God is faithful!

3. My wife Evelyn is amazing (and my kids too)!  They have been by my side and have suffered while we haven’t had much rest.  Some of the greatest energy needed to get something moving is in the beginning stages.  They have been patient as we have seen this church get off the ground.  I’m thankful for them!

4. I’ve learned a lot.  Only through experience, making mistakes, and giving all I’ve got do I realize that some decisions I make have been poor ones.  Thank God for forgiving people around me!  But, through it all, I’ve learned many lessons.  And, I never plan to stop learning!

5. If this last year went as it did, I can only imagine what this next year holds.  My faith has been built and I am believing for even greater things in our second year of existence as a church.  We are fearlessly making changes to see our church continue to grow and expand into all it needs to be for our city.

And the most important is this: God has been with us.  Through the ups and downs, He has walked with us and never left us.  For that I am undoubtedly thankful.

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