My favorite

29 Aug

Sofia is our second child. I have noticed an interesting trend lately. When we go to a restaurant, she says, “This is my favorite!” or “This is my favorite place in the whole world!”

It doesn’t end there. As we have gone to some stores lately, she has been saying the same things! Just when I think we’ve finally found the “favorite” of Sofia, she happens to say that the next place is her favorite too!

Apparently no one has informed her that you can only have one favorite in the whole world. The others may be a close second, or third, but only one can fill the favorite spot.

After all, when it comes time to get married, there can be only ONE favorite…right?

But, maybe it’s better off HER way.

I think I’ll just let her be in her world of favorites.

How amazing is it that someone looks at every place and every opportunity with such optimism? How incredible is it to look at life with eyes of faith, hope, and expectation? I know, I know…some are natural born optimists, while others are pessimists.

It doesn’t matter…I’m hoping some of that “favorite” attitude rubs off on me!

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