Thanks Tim!

04 Sep

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you might have had to slow down on the 5 freeway northbound on Thursday of last week due to a vehicle that was stopped in the right lane just below Osborne St.  

That was me.

I ran out of gas.  I’ve driven the car for years, I pride myself on knowing when the tank will actually be empty.  As a result, I usually drive it until the last little drop is left in the tank.  I believed there was more gas in the tank, but my car disagreed.

So, it chose to stop.  

In a construction zone.

With a long line of cars behind me.

I called AAA (if you don’t have service with them, do yourself a favor and get their service), then sat in my car waiting for a truck to come with some gas.

About 10 minutes into my wait, while I was watching car after car try to pass by me, a truck pulled in front of me (not AAA).

A gentleman stepped out of his car and realized two things: (1) I needed help & (2) In order for the traffic to flow better, someone needed to move me out of there.

Unfortunately, there are still people in the world that get frustrated when they have to slow down a little bit. A large passing truck honked at this Good Samaritan as he was getting out of his truck to help me.

Either way, he hooked my SUV up to his truck and pulled me to the closest off-ramp, so I could wait on the right side without impeding traffic.

I’m writing this post to simply say thank you.

Tim, I may never see you again, but you are proof that there are still good people in the world, who care about others.  All the passing cars may never know that they were able to get home a little faster because you moved me out of the way.  But, I know.

So, thanks!  

And, I’m happy to report that my car now has a full tank of gas.

It’s better that way.

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One response to “Thanks Tim!

  1. Joshua

    September 8, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Awe, what an amazing story. Very encouraging and inspiring!


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