We are all Sinners

02 Oct

After knowing Christ for awhile, it’s easy to allow a sense of entitlement to enter in. It’s easy to feel as if I deserve something…God’s blessings, His salvation, etc.

I start to look at my own life and think: “Look how righteous I am”, or “I’m much wiser than I was before”, or “I know more now than I did before”, or “__________________”.

That type of attitude is like spitting on the Gospel. It’s telling the God who has made me righteous, given me wisdom and taught me more than I thought I’d ever know, “I did all of this on my own”!

This is dangerous and happens to be the complete opposite of what salvation by grace is all about.

Then this happens: I start looking at the world around me differently. I look at “sinners”, “unbelievers”, and the like as less than I am. I begin to undervalue them, thinking they don’t deserve the opportunity that by God’s scandalous grace I have received. I look at Christians who are less “mature” than I am and I begin to judge them…not their actions, but their hearts.

Maybe I need to rethink who is the mature believer!

In Numbers 15:15, God says that the foreigners (outside of grace) and the Israelites (inside of grace) were “equal before the Lord”. The same was required from both groups.

Ultimately, we are all sinners. Some of us have experienced God’s grace. Others have yet to taste it.

Let’s continue to live daily by His grace and share it with others who have yet to experience it.

Isn’t it better that way?

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