Holding On

04 Oct

When I was a young leader, I found out that someone wanted to have the position I had. They thought they were better equipped and better qualified.

That was probably true!

I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. It doesn’t matter where you work or what position you have…there will always be someone who comes along and tries to take away what you have.

Read the Bible story found in Numbers 16 (I won’t post all 50 verses here)! You can check it out here.

Our human instinct is to fight for our rights, protect our position and hope to God that we can hold on.

But, is that truly Biblical?

With Moses, I see a different method:

Trust God.

If God placed you there, He can keep you there.

If God wants you there, He will not let you be moved.

Don’t fight with HUMAN effort that which you were given by GOD’S grace!

There will always be haters, gossipers, usurpers, and “all-around-make-your-life-miserable” types of people.

Don’t hold on to your title, position, or authority. Hold on to Jesus!


Trust God.

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