24 Oct

We live in a distracted world.

We are connected to a constant stream of activity and communication through television, radio, cell phones, computers, Internet, social media, etc.  These seem to be never-ending.

We have responsibilities for things that take up groups of time, such as work or school.

We hold commitments to our families, whether it be our parents and siblings, or our wives/husbands and children.

Then, we are also committed to the cause of the local church.  We want to be involved and see our churches make in impact in their communities.  We work with children, or run the sound system, or get involved in outreaches that serve the community.

There’s so much to do!

So, how do we solve this?

I have one simple tip for you today: Be fully present where you are.

Instead of being distracted by the next thing that comes up, make sure to be fully engaged wherever you are at a given moment.

Once, when I was driving my car, I had my phone charging on the floor beneath the back seats.  A text came in and I heard the familiar sound.  Immediately, my body reacted in such a way that I wanted to grab the phone and look at the text, even though I was driving.  Even though I was going to arrive at my destination in five minutes.  Even though it was most likely a tweet.  Even though there was a .0000000001% chance (or less) of it being an actual emergency.

I stopped myself.  It was hard.

Before you start laughing at me, think about where such a response has happened in your own life!

The truth is, if we learn to be present in any given moment, we will accomplish so much more than jumping from one insignificant thing to another.  When it’s time to study…study.  When it’s time to work…work.  When it’s time to be with the family…be totally with them!  When it’s time to eat…eat!

The more we CHOOSE to let go of distractions, instead focusing fully on where we are in any given moment, the more successful we will be at completing all that we desire to do.

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