Behavior or Belief

01 Nov

I’m currently taking a class about anthropology. I won’t bore you with the details of what all of it is about.

In one of the discussions, a concept was brought up about how people change. Do their beliefs change first, then their behaviors as a result? Or do people start to act differently, therefore teaching them what they should believe?

I tend to believe that experience (which involves an element of behavior) usually precedes belief. But, I also know that many behaviors come as a result of what one believes.

Do we invite unbelievers into a way of life (behavior) before they believe like us?  Might it be their experiences that convince them of the necessity of belief?  Or, do we require them to have the same beliefs before they access the experiences?

Obviously, a person’s behavior before Christ comes from a different source than their behavior after coming to know Him, even if they are the same behaviors.  Could allowing people to participate in the behaviors of our churches help lead people to faith in Christ?

The answer to this question influences how we go about reaching people who don’t know Jesus.

What do you think?


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