Light the Night Recap

01 Nov

Last night, we opened up our LifeCenter facility to kids and their families. We played games, many kids dressed up, we gave out candy and we had a great time!

It was great to know that we could do something on October 31st to redeem something that the enemy would like to use for his purposes.

Here’s a few takeaways from last night:

1. It was GREAT to see a bunch of kids with smiles on their faces, not having to worry about what their friends from school were doing, but rather enjoying a great time in a safe environment.

2. It was incredible to see the community come to our event and get to know more about our church’s desire to serve our community.

3. It was a blessing to know that many of our church members were able to bring friends and their kids, thus creating a great relational opportunity with people who knew nothing about us before.

4. We have some of the best partners in the world! A bunch of our congregation showed up to help and serve. A special shout out to Yessenia Tolle for planning this event.

5. I will never participate in a pie eating contest again. If anyone tries to involve me in one in the future, consider this your warning to think before you speak! 🙂

6. On second thought, maybe I will…but can we please do something different than pumpkin pie?

Be blessed everyone!

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