What is Your Filter?

15 Nov

I love reading the Bible.  I learn and I grow.  I’m challenged and I’m instructed.

All of us, no matter who we are, carry certain filters when we read the Bible.  The person who says that they read the Bible just for what it says are mistaken.  There is no such thing!

Our Bible reading is influenced by cultural ideas, theological beliefs taught by our churches, and might even be influenced by whether we’re hot or cold on a given day!

The question is not whether we have filters or lenses through which we read the Bible, but rather what are the filters we use when reading.

For example, if we believe that women should or shouldn’t be pastors of churches, that filter might influence how we interpret certain texts of the Bible.  We will begin to view every related verse according to that belief.

Today, I would like to get a little more basic.

One of my filters is leadership.  I love to study, talk about and learn about leadership.  As a result, when I’m reading the Bible, many of the verses that “jump” out at me are ones that have to do with leadership lessons.

This filter is based more on what I’m interested in or going through in a particular stage of life.  This isn’t so much a certain belief about something as it is an idea that captures my attention constantly.

Another one of these recent filters has been grace.  As I’ve been reading through the Old Testament recently, I have been amazed by the continuous grace of God.  Over and over again he shows His amazing grace when His people least deserve it.

I’ve been transformed by it!

Three recommendations today:

1.   Know your filters…don’t ignore them.  Be aware of them when you’re reading.

2.   Try the filter of “grace”.  It’s Biblical and it will do you a lot of good as you learn to live in His grace and offer it to others.

3.   Post a comment…what are some of the filters you use when you read the Bible?

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