Thoughts on CityLife This Weekend

03 Dec

What an incredible Sunday at CityLife!

A few notes…

1. This is not a regular occurrence, but my ENTIRE family was in attendance! Mom, dad, all three brothers and their families. That made it extra special! We had the opportunity to dedicate my brother Jordan and sister-in-law Yessenia’s baby Karina. That was awesome!  Also, my cousin Sam was visiting from Cambodia.  He gave us an update on all that is going on and his mom (my aunt) was also there!

2. On the subject of dedicating babies, we had the opportunity to dedicate babies in both of our services and communicate how we want to use them as an opportunity for people to invite family and friends, especially those that don’t know Jesus!

3. We started our new series called “The Beginning”, talking about how when Jesus enters into our experiences, He begins new things. This last Sunday we spoke about how fear gets removed and love gets established. It was awesome. Do NOT miss this Sunday, as we speak about the Beginning of Worship, where our priorities get reordered and centered on Jesus!

4. We celebrated over 100 volunteers on Sunday evening. All of you are the BEST and have made this adventure possible! All of our volunteers represent over 50% of our adult attendance, which is amazing!

5. A couple of LifeGroups went and served a local hospital, hanging out with a lot of the kids. They were incredibly thankful for our presence there!

6. Remember that on Wednesday night we will have a Night of Prophecy. Wondering what that is? Come and find out! It will be great as God’s words are spoken over our lives! Come and hang out with us from 7-8:30pm at 10859 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, Ca.

Overall, it was a great weekend, and I can’t wait until this next one!

Be blessed this week!

Pastor Jeff


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2 responses to “Thoughts on CityLife This Weekend

  1. Natalie

    December 4, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    🙂 Your blog post reminded me of God’s faithfulness in times of fear and how there is so much more he can do with us despite being so underqualified and failing. P.S I probably failed my final today but HIS love and his promises are what I need to hold onto

    • Jeff Tolle

      December 4, 2012 at 10:50 pm

      We keep on holding on!!!


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