The Only Way to Create is to Create

05 Dec

All of us have down times.  We get stuck in ruts.  We lose focus.  We get distracted or disconnected.

This is normal.  But it shouldn’t be the norm.

A lot of creative work is blood, sweat and tears.  It’s painful.

Of all the songs that I have written, I’ve personally rejected most of them.  Then, of what has been left, others have not liked a portion of those.  That select group (maybe 5% of my songs) are the ones that actually get used.  And of all the songs I’ve written, only one has been picked up and placed on an album.  (If you’re interested in hearing it, it’s called “Navidad” and performed by Blest.  You can get it here)

The reason why some music albums you listen to only have one good song, is because the band or singer only wrote 10 songs for the album.  If they would have written 50, or 100, they would probably have 10 good ones to stick in there.

The more you produce creative material, the better you will get.  This is why I have decided to post as much as I possibly can on the blog.  I want to write a book in the future.  But, I need to keep working at it and producing in order to get ready for writing a book.

We will all have down times, but they should be the exception to the rule.  Continue to create, continue to innovate, and eventually, something will stick!


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