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06 Dec

“Leaders are learners and learners are leaders.”

I’ve heard that phrase many times.  And, it’s true!  If you’re a leader who isn’t learning, then you will damage your leadership capacity.  Just refer to John Maxwell’s book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and read his chapter on the “Law of the Lid”.

But, there is also another truth.  Sometimes, we as leaders fill ourselves with so much knowledge/ideas/dreams/vision/etc that we lack the TIME to put it into action.

Sometimes we “outlearn” our ability to produce.  I’m not saying to stop learning.  But, what I am saying is that if we learn A LOT but put A LITTLE into practice, we will become more of an armchair quarterback than an effective leader.  We will be spewing out tons of information, but there will not be much transformation.

Leadership grows over time in small increments.  The ones who are successful today have made small decisions day after day that have led them to where they are.  Read this post by Donald Miller that shares some good wisdom on this subject.

I’ve made a personal decision for a time to not attend every conference that I can get to, because I haven’t effectively put into place what I learned in the last one.  By making this personal commitment, it is forcing me to put into practice what I learned, before I go on to learn more.

So, the question is this: Are you putting into place effective strategies and systems to implement the things you are learning?  If not, do so today!

Thinking doesn’t change anything…doing does!

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