Dear CityLife

18 Dec

Hey CityLife!

In this week’s note, there are a few things that I want to communicate to you. I’m so thankful to serve alongside you in our vision to see Los Angeles transformed by the life of Jesus! It is a privilege to know you! Here goes!

1. Take-Off: I am SPEECHLESS when I think about the amazing generosity that you guys showed this last Sunday. We were able to raise a lot of the funds necessary to “take-off” into 2013! If you’re wondering how much that is, you will need to wait until our service. But, let me assure you…we will be able to move forward in a huge way with all that you gave!

2. The Christmas Event! This Sunday, we are doing our annual Christmas event to communicate the reality of Christ to the world around us. Do you know someone who needs hope? Do you have friends or family who have not yet met Christ? Do you have friends or family who have not been to church in awhile? This Sunday is THE Sunday to bring them! Invite them and let’s see what God will do!

3. Margin: Living with margin is making a decision to leave space in our lives. So many times, we end up with no space…whether it be “time” space, or “money” space, or “relational” space, etc. It’s important to leave space so that we do not have to live a limited, hurried, and poor life. From now until Christmas I want to encourage you to take time and breath, to leave resources to help others, and to have some space to invite others in, who have been left out. I believe if we take this step of living with margin, we will see God do great things!

4. Peace! On Sunday, I talked about living in God’s peace. I communicated that peace is not found through exterior circumstances, but rather through the inner work of Jesus in our lives. I also said that shared peace is multiplied peace. Are you experiencing his peace? Also, have you shared his peace with some people yet this week? If not, it’s time to go!!! Let’s do it!

5. I just wanted to add one more here just to say that you guys are the best! We are going to have a great event this Sunday! See you soon!

Pastor Jeff

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