For All You Christian Creatives Out There…

19 Dec

If you enjoy doing creative work, I would like to make two recommendations.

Before I get there, let me ask a question:

Where do you find your material?

Many of us listen to music, watch movies, read books or magazines, look at artwork, or any number of other things to get the creativity flowing.

Even though all of that is good, it ends up being severely limited.


Because none of that is YOU.

Here are my two recommendations:

1. Use yourself to find creativity. Your own mix of life experiences, mistakes, pain, victories, failures, relationships, and everything else will be one of the greatest sources of creative material. And, people will be able to relate to you, because you are being you, not simply an imitation of someone else.

2. Use the Bible to find creativity. Some of the greatest works of creativity can be found in this collection of 66 books. Many of the greatest creatives in history used the Bible for much of their source material. You can too! And, not only will it be good, but it will be timeless, since God’s message is eternal.

Go create!


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