The Currency of Leadership

21 Dec

Everything we do on earth requires currency.  Transactions are made all of the time.  The most common form of currency is money.  We use it for almost everything: food, gifts, cars, etc.

As I have heard it said many times, “You get what you pay for”.

So, what is the currency of leadership?

If we want people to follow us, listen to us, respond to us, or jump on board with us (and to do all of that willingly), how do we complete that transaction?  What is the currency we need to use in order to have that type of response?

Or, what do we need to pay in order to get something back?

The currency of leadership is TRUST.

In relationships, trust is what is traded on.

Money doesn’t buy willing devotion.  Things can’t cause people to joyfully follow.  Benefits don’t get people excited about a vision.

Sometimes those things are just cover ups, due to our inability to invest in such a way that trust gets built.

When people trust you, they will WILLINGLY follow you.

What have you done to build trust with those you lead?  What are you currently doing to build trust?

Let me know!


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One response to “The Currency of Leadership

  1. Joshua

    January 17, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    Hit me, Jeff! Well, one, I try to be authentic & open. I honestly believe there’s a power with that. Second, simply being intentional in responding when they really need me. I think there’s more I can do though… thanks for this!


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