And So It Begins!

07 Jan

Hey everyone!

We had a great Sunday at CityLife yesterday. We started the new year off great!

All of us have dreams, desires, goals, resolutions, etc that we want to accomplish. So many times, we fail in accomplishing them. The biggest reason why we fail is not due to a lack of action. Rather, it is due to a lack of emotion.

I’m not talking about emotions in the sense of happiness, or sadness, or anger. I’m talking about that emotion which comes from the depths of our soul…that which motivates us from the core of our being.

For that to happen, we need to be connected to a reason for doing what we want to do. And, the greatest reason was Jesus!

So, yesterday, we honored Jesus! We participated in communion and took a step to allow Jesus to be the beginning point of all that we do.

Remember, how we BEGIN affects how we BUILD.

Begin the right way and everything else will be much easier!

I’m excited for what God has for CityLife in 2013. I believe we are on the road to doing things we have never done before.

Let’s do it!

Additional Resources:

1. Go to to check out their plan of online devotional reading from the Bible. It will be a great resource to you so you can put Jesus FIRST!

2. Also, if you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android), check out the app “Youversion” from your store. It is free and is loaded with resources…tons of Bible versions, and a load of different reading plans to guide you in reading the Bible this year.

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