Get Ready CityLife

24 Jan

Hey CityLife!

How has your week been going?  I pray that you have made a decision to take action and move OUT of where you have been comfortable and to move INTO where God has greater blessings for you!

This last week we started a new series called “Positioned”.  We are jumping into the story of Abram (Abraham) who went on an incredibly journey.  At each step, he had to make decisions that positioned him correctly (or incorrectly) in God’s plans for his life.

Here’s what’s going on at CityLife

1. Invite a friend this Sunday as we jump into week 2 of “Positioned”.  We’ll be talking about the power of honesty and how telling the truth positions us for God’s best in our lives.

2. We will have a ministry fair THIS Sunday.  Come and get connected to what we are doing in the community and how you can be a part of it.  We’ve got a lot to do in 2013

3. I’m so proud of all of you.  As we received our survey results, we rejoiced that so many of you have been willing to invite others to come with you to CityLife.  Keep on inviting…God is working!

That’s about it for now.  I pray that the rest of your week is blessed.  We will see you on Sunday!

Pastor Jeff

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