Two Deaths in One Week

01 Feb

In all 33 years of my life, I have never watched anyone die.

Sure, I’ve been to countless funerals and even experienced the death of a baby that was growing in my wife’s womb.

But, I’ve never seen anyone pass from life to death. (Or, for those of us who believe in Jesus, from life to life!)

This last week, I saw two people make this transition.

In both cases, I showed up to the room under five minutes before they passed.  I had the opportunity to watch them take a few breaths, then pass away.

One of them was the mother of a CityLife church member.  The other was my grandpa.

I have a few takeaways:

1. It’s great to have people around us to support us!  To go through these moments alone would be torture.  We need family and friends.

2. We must enjoy the moments we have with everyone! I remember my grandpa telling stories for hours and never stopping.  We had to find excuses to get away!  I remember his continued trips to the dessert table to eat ice cream and pie.  I’m sure he would eat those for every meal if given the opportunity.  I treasure those crazy moments!

3. Every breath counts.  Every breath is an opportunity to live more, experience more, give more, grow more, and learn more.  Make it count!

4. Death is life.  In God’s world, this is true.  Death is simply a transition to the fullest experience of life that exists.  If you don’t know him, you are missing out!

5. God has everything. Whatever you need and whatever you feel…God understands it all and has the answer to it all. Trust him today!


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