Random Thoughts On My Grandpa’s Passing

06 Feb

Hey everyone!

I want to send some thanks to those who supported my family while we laid my grandpa to rest this last week.

On Friday, the family got together at the graveside. We had a few moments together to share verses from the Bible, share stories from his life, have some moments in prayer, and to sing about our great God. It was intimate (about 25 of us) and meaningful.

On Saturday, many people came out to celebrate my grandpa’s life. We went a bit long (so thanks to all of you who patiently joined with us), but every moment was good.

Over those two days, I learned where I got the church planting “bug” from. While I knew that my grandpa had done some great ministry, I didn’t know that he had planted over 10 churches in Nicaragua. That blew me away! I celebrate the fact that I belong to a lineage that has been so committed to expanding God’s kingdom here on planet earth.

I’m thankful for my dad and my two uncles who did so well in putting together something that honored my grandpa.

I was blown away by so many generations of God’s faithfulness to my family. God has truly been with us through the years and I’m thankful that he is with me and my family today!

I’m thankful that to his dying day, he was the loudest singer around. He would belt out songs of worship to God at the top of his lungs without care for who was close to him.

I’m thankful that today he is rejoicing in God’s presence.

I’m thankful that he set an example of ministry that we can follow.

And, I plan on continuing the legacy.

Thanks grandpa…I’ll see you soon!

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