Lights and Hitchhikers

12 Feb

Evelyn and I were driving to go on a date a couple nights ago.


While driving, we noticed a couple of gentlemen sitting on the curb of a residential street smoking away.

It looked like they were having a good time.

As we got closer, they started motioning us with their hands.

No, I am not picking up hitchhikers today!

As if I do it regularly!

We passed by them and my mind went to all the horrible things that could have happened.

Maybe they wanted to steal our money.
Or our car.
Maybe they wanted to kill us!
Or just fill up our car with all their smoke.

Who are these men? Are they good? Evil? Lost? Found?

Found? I just needed the opposite word for “lost”. Sorry about that one.

When I turned onto another street, I realized that my car’s headlights were not on.

Then I realized something else.

The men weren’t hitchhikers. They were motioning to us to turn our lights on.

Apparently they were good after all!

What did I learn?

How about:

Don’t judge too quickly.
Pay close attention.
Try to understand instead of assuming.

I guess I’m still figuring out this thing called “life”. Anyone else?

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