My Trip to In-N-Out

05 Mar

For all of us who love In-N-Out, we know what it’s like to wait in the long lines of cars, waiting to get our hands on that delicious double-double, animal style!

Then, add on a shake with some animal style fries, and you have a meal that you would be okay to suspend your diet for.

A couple weeks ago, to celebrate our kids’ first baseball games, I stopped by In-N-Out to get enough burgers, fries, and shakes to feed my family of six. Did you know that a family of six is really expensive? I’m beginning to figure that out.

If you’ve been to In-N-Out, you know that long lines are a part of the experience. This day was not an exception. We pulled in and waited behind four other cars.

For those of you who are experienced in the art of the drive thru at In-N-Out, you also know that they have someone walking around taking orders at cars.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Could we implement that system for everything else? How about going to the grocery store and having someone take your order at your car, then doing the shopping for you…all for free! That would be amazing!

If only.

Eventually I made it into the second car slot. I was already salivating at the meaty and cheesy goodness I was about to experience.

I rolled down my passenger’s side window when the attendant-waitress-helper-order taking person showed up to my window. I opened my mouth to blurt out my order when she cut me off and said,

“Could you pull forward please?”


I was not allowed to order! How dare she tell me to move my car forward. I want food!

But, in that moment, I realized something.

She was positive.

She could have told me:
“No, not yet!”
“Please wait. I can’t get to you!”
“You cannot order right now!”

She never used the words “no” or can’t”. She was completely positive.

She came back and took my order and I eventually made it home to rejoice in the spoils of my twenty minute wait to get one of the best burgers on planet earth.

(Whew…I need a break…that was a long sentence I just wrote)

Besides the food, I still remember how she communicated positively to me.

You see, there are a lot of times when a “no” is required, but it can still be communicated through a “yes” type of attitude.

Try it once and see what happens!

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