God Speaks

07 Mar

Last night, our church held a night of worship and prayer.

After singing a few songs, I led out in some prayer, talking to God about how great he is! I felt like I was supposed to ask for God’s healing for people in the area of hearts (emotions, hurts, etc), minds (thoughts, doubts, etc) and bodies (sickness, disease, etc).

As I was praying for healing in people’s bodies, I felt God press on my heart the need to pray for specific areas of the body. We prayed for eyes, backs, hands, feet and hearts. All of these specific areas came to mind as I was praying.

I knew that God was leading me (speaking to me) to pray for these things.

After praying, multiple people raised their hands saying they had immediately been healed in some area.

After finishing our service, a young man came up to me. He told me how his feet had been in a lot of pain from work and that he didn’t have the right shoes for all the work that he did.

He had been suffering from pain for many days. After praying for people’s feet, his feet were completely healed!

I was reminded of the fact that God speaks to us. I believe we miss out on a lot of what God wants to do in and through us because we don’t listen for his voice.

We should constantly be asking the Lord to speak to us and show us what he would have us do. If we do this, our lives will be more effective and his power will work through us to impact more people’s lives.

Are we listening?

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