Staying Focused

20 Mar




Today, I needed to get gas in my car.  My tank was running on empty (“run out of gas on your way to the gas station” type of empty).

I needed to get the kids to school, but I didn’t have time to get them there if I would have stopped for gas.  So, I took them to school first.

At that point, my tank was on “if you dare me to keep driving with such a low amount of fuel you will regret it”.

I ignored my tank.  After all, what does it know?

It’s not like I’ve run out of gas before…right?*

Either way, I knew I wanted to get to Costco to get gas.  Why?  Because Costco is awesome, that’s why!  The simple fact that I save anywhere between 10-15 cents per gallon makes Costco worth it…besides all the free food I get if I happen to step inside!

On my way to get gas, I kept a look out for other gas stations, in case I felt I needed to suddenly stop in one before I got to Costco.  This led me to do something I haven’t done before.  I actually paid attention to where all the gas stations were.

And, I realized that on my way to Costco on previous trips, I had ignored all of these gas stations.


Why had I never paid attention to their gas imparting awesomeness before?

Because I always had a single focus: GET TO COSTCO!

And that communicates a powerful concept in life:

The more you stay focused on the goal, the less you will get distracted.

I realized that I had no reason to pay attention to the other gas stations because I already knew where I was going.

Have you ever wondered why you get so easily distracted on life’s journeys?

I propose to you that you have been distracted due to your lack of focus on a vision, goal or dream.

The more you stay focused on where you’re headed, the less other things on the periphery get your attention.

Stay focused and distractions will become a distant memory!

Where is it that you need to get focused today?

*For the record, I did not run out of gas this time.  I was tempted to stop at a gas station about 1/10 of a mile before Costco, but I put my trust in my tank of gas and it pulled through for me!



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One response to “Staying Focused

  1. Myles Montplaisir

    March 20, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Great post, it is all about focus and persistence! Thanks for sharing.


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