21 Mar

Green Can


Every Wednesday night, I have the distinct privilege of taking out the garbage.

Last night was just like every other Wednesday night.  I grabbed the blue and black garbage bins and put them out first, then proceeded to take out the green bin.

As many would know, the green bin is for all the stuff from the yard.  When the green bin is filled up with the grass clippings from the lawn having been mowed, it is heavy!

Last night, it was especially heavy.  So, I grabbed it to pull.  Good thing I’ve been working out for a year, otherwise I might have had trouble!

I realized something as I started to pull.  If I didn’t pull the handle far enough down, the bin would have gone right back up into a standing position and would not have been movable.  If I pulled the handle too far down, the bin would have fallen over, spilling all of its contents.  At that point, I could have started a “play in the grass clippings” party or something of the sort.

Since I held the handle in the correct spot (the “sweet spot”), I was able to pull it without any problems.

This is what leverage accomplishes.

Too many times we try to push/pull/move/work/etc in such a way that we end up exerting more effort than necessary.  Instead of finding the location where the most amount of leverage exists, we end up doing things in such a way that we are working against ourselves.

Maybe you’ve heard it said: “work harder!”  That might be true if you’re lazy, but if you’re not, that phrase can not be further from the truth.  If we work against ourselves and are simply told to work harder, then we are simply working harder against ourselves.

That is insanity!

We must work smarter.  Find the sweet spot…the point of leverage.  When you find the point of leverage in everything you do, things will come together in an amazing way.

I know that if I want my kids to do something, I have to deal with each of them differently.  The way that I work with them individually is leverage.

Where are you working against yourself?  Find your point of leverage and go for it!



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