Growing Vegetables Part I

02 Apr

2013-04-01 16.39.10

I am no good at growing vegetables. I lack a green thumb. I have messed up time after time.

But, for some reason, I keep on trying. I don’t stop.

I guess there’s something to be said for persistence.

My recent growing experience has taught me a few things. And, during this week, I’d like to share them with you.

The main idea for today is this: Do what you can do!

Genius, right?

You traveled all across cyberspace just to read me state something that is so obvious.

The problem is, while we recognize what I said to be true, we spend much of our time dreaming and theorizing about doing something that is far beyond our capacity to accomplish.

Am I denying the fact that we must dream big? Not by any means!

But, if we attempt to do way more than we are capable of, we may get discouraged through our failures.

So, after multiple times of failure at trying to grow above ground vegetables, I figured I might be more successful trying vegetables that grow below ground (“root” vegetables).

As you can see with the above picture, I succeeded! On the left of the picture is the first radish that I pulled from the ground.

My wife tells me it was a little bitter…I think it needed more time!

This, for me, is a huge confidence booster. Small victories along the way will do more to get you to achieve your dream (I’ll talk more about that tomorrow).

Eventually I’ll get to the above ground plants, but this is a start!

Paying off credit card debt? Pay off the card with the smallest amount first.

Want to build a large, profitable business? Start a small one first!

Do what you can do. Learn from it. Then go to the next achievement.

You’ll make it!

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