15 Apr

Repackaged - New


Things get repackaged all the time.

Old drinks get new labels.  Authors create new titles and covers for old books.  People put on different styles of clothes.  Movies get put into 3-D.

On that point, Jurassic Park has currently made over $30,000,000 because it was repackaged as a 3-D movie.  Check it out here.

It makes me wonder if I have anything to repackage that I could make money off of.

(wait a second)

Nope.  I just took a look around my house.  I don’t have many things of great value. *Sigh*

I love it when things are repackaged and look better than they were before!

But, I’ve also noticed that the repackaging of something does not change its essence.

It is still the same item.  If it was bad before, it will still be bad.  If it was good before, then it will still be good.

(Although, apparently, a change in packaging design for a drink product can change how it tastes!  Click here to read more about it)

When something is repackaged, we must ask a deeper question than “Do I like the new design?”

It must go beyond that.

We must ask: Is it good?  Is it beneficial?  Should I go back to it?  Or never return?

I have noticed that many people get fooled by new packaging on old (bad) things.

A boyfriend promises that he is a different man now, proven by the fact that he bought a few flowers.

A car manufacturer tells you that their cars are even better now, because they look nicer.

Don’t be fooled.

But I’ve also noticed that new packaging on old (good) things is great!

I might go back and reread a book because it came out again.

I just might go and see an old movie put into 3-D because I liked the original so much.

I might try the drink that I liked but had forgotten about, until the new commercial advertising reminded me of it.

Just remember…packaging does not change the quality of the item.  


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