Thanks Catalyst

24 Apr

I have gone to every Catalyst West ever since the conference started a few years ago.

At Catalyst West a few weeks ago, I got the chance to quickly tell Brad Lomenick a few thoughts about it.

I told him that I have been…




Every time I go, I leave different. Over the years, I have come to appreciate experiences that challenge my thinking, form my character, and allow me to be refreshed in the presence of God and others.

Yes, I love the creativity at Catalyst. I have used many ideas in conferences I have planned. Trip and Tyler are always amazing.

Yes, I love the resources that I get when I’m there. I have much more to learn and the resources help in that process.

Yes, I love the quality musicians, speakers, and specialists in diverse career fields who have much to teach and offer.

But, at the end of the day, it is more than strategy, ideas, and inspiration.  I go each year because I am profoundly blessed.  I leave refreshed.  I leave trusting Jesus even more than when I walked in.  I leave knowing that God is continuing to make me, form me, and mold me.

These things have no price.

I am a regular reader of the Word of God.  I love to worship.  I pray (but could do more)!

While all of those are true, I also value the perspectives that others bring in the Word, in worship and in prayer.

Thank you Catalyst for faithfully teaching leaders and challenging them to grow in immeasurable ways!

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