Get It Done!

23 May

5-23-13 Now Is The Time (Get It Done)

As a leader, have you ever delegated a certain responsibility to someone who was extremely qualified?

I’ve done that multiple times.

With different results.

Sometimes the person who is qualified gets right to it and does an amazing job.  Sometimes they take a little longer to process the responsibility in order to make it great, but when it’s done, it is amazing!  Other times, they don’t do anything.

I had a recent situation where someone had great ideas, but no action.

Do you know how frustrating that is?  And, it’s even worse once your head is filled with all of these amazing ideas of what could be done, only to wait for days, weeks, or months and nothing happens.

Now, sometimes the person’s lack of action could be due to too much responsibility in your organization, so they just don’t have enough hours in a day to make it happen.  If that’s the case, priorities must be rearranged in order to give the person the freedom they need to finish the job.  Or, they may not have the tools necessary to get it done.  If that’s case, give them the tools!

In other cases, it is simply the lack of personal commitment to doing the job.  It might be laziness, disorganization, or any other number of conditions.

In this recent case, I was having a conversation with someone who seemed interested in helping me get the job done.  I spoke to them and within a week they had accomplished what I had been waiting for months to happen.

It reminds me of Andy Stanley’s talk at Catalyst West 2013.  He mentioned that we need to focus more on recruiting those who are doers, instead of thinkers.

This has really struck home for me.  While we don’t want to offend people who have been tasked with a certain job, the reality is that to many of them, it will be a relief to no longer have the responsibility for something they weren’t doing anyways.

Meaning, this can be a GOOD thing!

As a result, I’ve focused my eyes like a laser beam on people who actually get the job done.

Why?  Because the work is too important to be left un-done.

Have you had a similar situation?


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