The Spotlight

31 May


Here is my collection of stories, blogs, and other interesting things that I found this week.  Enjoy!

1. 15 Simple Truths About Selling by Geoffrey James

You may not know it, but we are all selling something.  So, this is a good article for those who are in the selling business, and for those who think they aren’t in the selling business!  He has some great truths packed in there!

2. Principles vs. Methods by Frank Damazio

In this post, pastor Frank Damazio gives one of the most important lessons on how (and why) we actually do what we do as pastors, church leaders, etc.  Many people get confused between what a “principle” is and what a “method” is.  For this reason, many churches face major problems.  Read this post and get understanding about the difference between both of these concepts!

3. 5 Temptations for Successful Preachers by Joe McKeever

If you preach (or communicate) regularly, you need to read this.  Some good insights about how we approach and view what we do, especially in relation to God and people!

4. 7 Bizarre Ways Kids Entertained Themselves Before Video Games

Ok…this is not news and it may not help you become a better person, but I had to put it on here.  There were some interesting games a generation (or generations) ago.  Enjoy!

5. Hoarding Information by Seth Godin

This is a short, yet good read about what we do with information.  I was just having a discussion with someone about this yesterday.  Could this same concept apply to pastors and churches, knowing that there is so much teaching (by good teachers) available online for free?  Something to think about!

6. The Ultimate Church Potluck Menu by Stephen Pepper

Ever wondered what to have at your church potluck?  This situation has now been completely resolved.  Read this post and get ready to laugh!

7. Mind Blowing Facts About People Over 50

Check out this video…it makes you think about how we leverage our resources to engage different groups of people.  We, even in the “church” world, tend to ignore those who are older in favor of those who are younger.  This video might change that perception!

That’s it!

Have a great weekend everybody.


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